Category: Misc.


Birth card. 2009.

Houthaven Amsterdam, Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Brochure, G2K Designers, Amsterdam


Brochure design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008. ‘Land in sight!’. ‘Houthaven’, an Amsterdam area under construction; living & working. The design is based on the very visual metaphor of looking through binoculars towards undiscovered land.


Research. 2009/2010. Detached from habitat and uncovered of their smiling messages, these ‘plastiques’ transform into a anonymous collection of shapes and mass withholding their original purpose; what’s left is a almost ‘typographic’ series of seemingly well-familiar objects. Positive/Diapositive.


Post stamps, in which the style of the Dutch stamps of Peter Struijcken is used to tell a new story. The portrait of Queen Beatrix is replaced by those of several dubious world leaders. Rebel-leader of the Kurdish Abdullah Öcalan, President Mobutu of Zaire, Yassar Arafat, leader of the Palestinians and Ayatollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of Iran. 2000.