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logoparc Matt Matthijs van leeuwen metahaven Daniel van der Velden Gon Zifroni Katja Gretzinger Matteo Poli Jan van Eyck 04

Logo Parc (with Metahaven)

Research on Public Space. With advisor Daniel van der Velden (metahaven) at the Jan van Eyck Academy. With fellow researchers Katja Gretzinger, Gon Zifroni and Matteo Poli. Logo Parc investigates the political and economical impacts on and through design in the new business district ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. With placing the real space into a virtual game-environment we created a ‘clone’-space in which we were able to experiment with the aesthetic material found in situ. Personal impressions and the found material shaped the symbolic gestures in the virtual space. The space works as a discoursive space, which allows a critical reflection on current symptoms of post-modern city-planning. Hybridity of the Post-Public Space in Open!. 2006 — 07.