Urban Theory

Type design, Graffiti. 2007/2009. Urban graffiti meets Theory on Urbanity and Public Space. First version created during Logo Parc, finished in 2009. The anonymous tags and graffiti are replaced by the names of philosophers, politicians and architects reflecting on Urbanity and Public Space, who in themselves become anonymous and encrypted again. As a contrast to street vs. theory. Alain Badiou, Chantal Mouffe, Bernard Tschumi, André le Nôtre, Francois Mitterrand etc.

Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Floor van Essen, HkA, Artez Arnhem, 10 Jaar De Kunsten

De Kunsten

Book/Magazine design, In collaboration with Floor van Essen. 2001. Indexnumber ‘Tien Jaar de Kunsten’, magazine of the HkA (now Artez).


Corporate Identity-Design within an existing framework for the SLO. In collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. 2004-2006.


Visual identity, in collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. for ‘CityJam’, a project by Hooghuis, Arnhem, The Netherlands. The identity is formed by a collection of images brought together on an associative base. Some are directly related, others with the blink of an eye. The A2-poster can be printed directly, but is also designed with the possibility to be cut up in four pieces. Each piece (A4) tells a part of the bigger story. These pages can be used as stationary. Maximum effect is created by the use of Neon colors. 2004.

Yearbook Academy of Architecture Arnhem 2001

Book/Magazine design. 2002. The content of the catalogue, the student-projects, are placed in a broader cultural frame, which contextualize the projects. The frame creates an extra editorial layer within the design.

11 September en de kunsten (September 11th and the arts)

Visual Identity for a six-day debate on the influences of 9/11 on art and design. In collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. 2004. Underneath the information-layer lies a ‘live’ CNN-NEWS-stream from during the disaster. Within the website this layer is animated. Typography is set in IBM Orator, a classic matrix typeface.

City in the clouds

Visual Identity design with Gerco Hiddink. 2004

‘Stad in de Wolken’ is a series of debates by the stage LUX in Nijmegen. In this debate high-rise building is discussed in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen. (KAN-Area). We created an image referring to ‘The Tower of Babylon’. An accumulation of designs from the international ‘architectural discours’ form the ultimate architectural design. Within the design of the website parts of the collage interact in a playful way with the cursor.


Visual Identity, in collaboration with Gerco Hiddink for danthe.nl. 2004-2006. Graphic contours from actual ‘situations’ in the Danthe-trainings are used for the identity.


Website design with Maarten Verweij. 2001.

Commissioned by Felix Janssens and the Observatorium. (Foundation for the arts. Developing Art projects in relation to urban planning and landscape.) Main function of the website is that of archive. The design moves around a ‘simple’ but effective 3×3 grid in which all information can be obtained. Important aspect is that the ‘photographed’ archive at the same time functions as site-navigation. Certain objects like filmrol, script, photo and scrapbook function as main theme headers. Searching in this way for information becomes like a ‘unguided missile’; no idea where you’ll end up. Unexpected confrontations.


Eliminating any possible doubt about ‘The Netherlands as a Multicultural Society’. On different levels symbols are exchanged and appropriated. The entrance of the Lower House is covered with stickers as a metaphor in which appropriation and integration are expressed. A publication on exchange and appropriation of cultural characteristics accompanies the images. It describes the exchange on a local and global scale. Streetpictures, magazines, stickers and ‘objets trouvés’ express the feeling of a multicultural world. Architecture which visually links to Arabic Mathematical Patterns, Chinese filmposters who copy western depiction of moviestars or a Japanese character (Hello Kitty) which resembles our Nijntje. 2002.