Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen Mother Design Andbox Maxwell Osborne Identity


Logo and Identity design for Andbox, partnering with Co-creator of Public School Maxwell Osborne.

Designed at Mother Design, NY, with YaYa Xu, Mark Sloan and George Lavender. 2019.

Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, The Four Horsemen, Maven Publishing, Book Cover Design, Amsterdam, New York

The Four Horsemen

Bookcover-design as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. New York, Amsterdam, 2019. The dutch published edition of ‘The Four Horsemen: The Conversation That Sparked an Atheist Revolution’ by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris.

Matthijs van Leeuwen, Matt van Leeuwen, Mother Design, Lil Nas X, New York, Wrangler

Lil Nas X

Logo and Identity design for the Lil Nas X collaboration with Wrangler. Designed at Mother Design, NY, with George Lavender and Lauren van Aswegen. 2019.   

Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

Bookcover-design as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. New York, 2018. A collection of the best short and humorous stories and columns from Asha Ten Broeke. A prolific columnist for Dutch publications, like ‘de Volkskrant’, ‘Trouw’ en ‘Opzij’.

Het Boek Waarom Judea Pearl Maven Publishing Book Cover Design

Het Boek Waarom

Bookcover-design as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. New York, Amsterdam, 2019. The dutch edition of ‘The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect’ by Judea Pearl.

A Good Call

A Mother New York initiated project: A Good Call encourages the public to let their voice be heard on current political and social issues.

Manifestos Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen Joseph Han Spread The Social Role Of The Graphic Designer Pierre Bernard 2014


A bookproject with Joseph Han. Since the days of radical printer-pamphleteers, design and designers have a long history of fighting for what’s right and working to transform society. The rise of the literary form of the manifesto also parallels the rise of modernity and the spread of letterpress printing. ‘Manifestos’ aims to bring these manifests together in pocket size format. 2014.

Featured on It’s Nice That.

WCSS, Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Joseph Han, Posters, Newspaper


Posterdesigns with Joseph Han compiled in Newspaper format. ‘WCSS’ is an acronym for the Speaker Series at Interbrand, New York. Simply headlined by ‘WCSS’, the typographic designs change from speaker to speaker. 2014 — 2015.

D66 Nightlife Yes!

Poster design for the Dutch Political Party ‘Democrats 66’. A series of political Statements: Nightlife Yes!, Gay Yes!, Study Yes!. 2009.

Acquired by the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, for their extensive Poster/Design Archive.

Het Geheim Van Genot / How Pleasure Works

Het Geheim Van Genot / How Pleasure Works

Bookdesign as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. Designed at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010 — 2011.

Why is an artistic masterpiece worth millions more than a convincing forgery? Pleasure works in mysterious ways, as Paul Bloom reveals in this investigation of what we desire and why. Drawing on a wealth of surprising studies, Bloom investigates pleasures noble and seamy, lofty and mundane, to reveal that our enjoyment of a given thing is determined not by what we can see and touch but by our beliefs about that thing’s history, origin, and deeper nature.

How Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? / Hoe verandert internet je manier van denken?

How Is The Internet Changing The Way You Think? / Hoe verandert internet je manier van denken?

Bookdesign as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. Designed at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010/2011. How is the internet changing the way you think? That is one of the dominant questions of our time, one which affects almost every aspect of our life and future. It’s what John Brockman, publisher of, posed to more than 150 of the world’s most influential minds. Brilliant, farsighted, and fascinating, How Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think? is an essential guide to the Net-based world.

logoparc Matt Matthijs van leeuwen metahaven Daniel van der Velden Gon Zifroni Katja Gretzinger Matteo Poli Jan van Eyck 04

Logo Parc (with Metahaven)

Research on Public Space. With advisor Daniel van der Velden (metahaven) at the Jan van Eyck Academy. With fellow researchers Katja Gretzinger, Gon Zifroni and Matteo Poli. Logo Parc investigates the political and economical impacts on and through design in the new business district ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. With placing the real space into a virtual game-environment we created a ‘clone’-space in which we were able to experiment with the aesthetic material found in situ. Personal impressions and the found material shaped the symbolic gestures in the virtual space. The space works as a discoursive space, which allows a critical reflection on current symptoms of post-modern city-planning. Hybridity of the Post-Public Space in Open!. 2006 — 07.


Birth card. 2009.

Vabi brochure cover


Campaign design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. Vabi software assists architects and engineers on calculations in architectural models and installation technique. ‘Building blocks’, a metaphor for the way the interface of their software functions and actual buildings are constructed was the keyword in design.

EuroCHRIE 2010 Amsterdam

Event-Identity for The European Council on Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education, designed at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. The Hospitality & Tourism educators. Welkom to Amsterdam!

Top Of Mini

Campaign design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008. Press: ‘BMW-MINI The Netherlands invites young designers to enter a design to be published on a MINI-Cooper roof. The jury is lead by dutch renowned designer Richard Hutten, and Amsterdam based design-office G2K, who are also in charge of the overall-design of the competition.’

We Love Finance

Campaign design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. A simple but effective slogan: We Love Finance. Putting the ‘finance professionals’ of Brunel (job recruitment) in the spotlight. A teasing and frank statement in todays financial context. Website, twitter, hugs on location for financial specialists and national newspaper-ads. (various media)

Care Visual Identity

Visual identity at G2K, Amsterdam. 2007/2008. The largest chain of car-repair-shops in Europe. The ‘e’ makes the subtle distinction between car and care.

MW3 Visual Identity

Visual identity at G2K, Amsterdam. 2009. MW3 founded by a ‘wealthy’ collective of men, aims for providing a safe webinterface, when one deals business outside the office. The tickertape which covers all the stationary, repeats MW3.

Zwind Visual Identity

Visual identity at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008/2009. In collaboration with Laura Hirt. Zwind operates in the public arena; creating local projects for social issues.

Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Joep Moonen, G2K Designers, Amsterdam, Identity, Logo


Visual Identity at G2K, Amsterdam, for Joep Moonen, a small real-estate dealer. ‘It’s… JOEP!’. 2008.

Glow, Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Logo, Identity, G2K Designers, Amsterdam


Visual Identity at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008. The identity unveils it’s true-colors at night, when the glow-in-the-dark-ink lightens up.

Small Business 500 Gala

Event-design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2009. Wallpaper for a gala-reunion of Small Business Students in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Het Idee M/V / The M/F Concept

Het Idee M/V / The M/F Concept

Book design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. Part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. Het idee M/V / The M/F concept. In short and humorous anecdotes Asha counters the popular theories of ‘men are from mars, women are from venus’ as nothing but old prejudices wrapped as modern insight. Her conclusions are both confronting and inspiring: the latest developments in genetics and brainscience shows that man-woman-differences are not a part of our genetics but re-created within every new generation.

Houthaven Amsterdam, Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Brochure, G2K Designers, Amsterdam


Brochure design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008. ‘Land in sight!’. ‘Houthaven’, an Amsterdam area under construction; living & working. The design is based on the very visual metaphor of looking through binoculars towards undiscovered land.

De Vijfde Revolutie / Mindfield

De Vijfde Revolutie / Mindfield

Book design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. Part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. The first title of the new publishing house ‘Maven Publishing’. ‘De vijfde Revolutie’ by Lone Frank focusses on the fifth revolution in science: after Copernicus’ universe, Darwins Evolution Theory, Freuds Observation of the human mind and Watson/Crick’s DNA Helix, the new science is that of the brain. All the design-work for Maven has been awarded with a ‘Red Dot Design Award 2010’.

Zwermintelligentie / The Perfect Swarm cover

Zwermintelligentie / The Perfect Swarm

Book design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2010. One of the greatest discoveries of recent times is that the complex patterns we find in life are often produced when all of the individuals in a group follow the same simple rule. This process of “self-organization” reveals itself in the inanimate worlds of crystals and seashells, but as Len Fisher shows, it is also evident in living organisms, from fish to ants to human beings. The coordinated movements of fish in shoals, for example, arise from the simple rule: “Follow the fish in front.” Traffic flow arises from simple rules: “Keep your distance” and “Keep to the right.”

D66 Study Yes!

Poster design for the Dutch Political Party ‘Democrats 66’. A series of political Statements: Nightlife Yes!, Gay Yes!, Study Yes!. 2009.

Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, IJsseldelta, Identity, G2K Designers Amsterdam, Logo, Typeface

IJsseldelta a-Z

Type design at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008. The underlying graphical alphabet, used for the visual identity of the IJsseldelta. 2 times 26 letters makes 52 pages.

Brunel Brochures

Brunel Brochures

Brochure/Art direction for Brunel (International), at G2K, 2009/2010. With custom aerial photography on the spot, showing locations of operations for Brunel. Photography: Marco van Middelkoop.


Research. 2009/2010. Detached from habitat and uncovered of their smiling messages, these ‘plastiques’ transform into a anonymous collection of shapes and mass withholding their original purpose; what’s left is a almost ‘typographic’ series of seemingly well-familiar objects. Positive/Diapositive.

Amsterdam Creative Crossings Research

Research at G2K, Amsterdam. 2008.

Small visual-research-document on the identity for Amsterdam Creative Crossings: A spiderweb-esque structure in which the ‘logo’ isn’t fixed, but acts as a dynamic interface; symbolizing the intention of ACC: establishing (side)connections between business and culture.


Post stamps, in which the style of the Dutch stamps of Peter Struijcken is used to tell a new story. The portrait of Queen Beatrix is replaced by those of several dubious world leaders. Rebel-leader of the Kurdish Abdullah Öcalan, President Mobutu of Zaire, Yassar Arafat, leader of the Palestinians and Ayatollah Khomeini, spiritual leader of Iran. 2000.

Typography/Image is culture

Term paper Graduation. 2002. Executed on actual newspaper size (DIN A2). The term paper researches cultural/typographical qualities in newspaper design. The newspaper as cultural phenomenon and blueprint of a culture.

Urban Theory

Type design, Graffiti. 2007/2009. Urban graffiti meets Theory on Urbanity and Public Space. First version created during Logo Parc, finished in 2009. The anonymous tags and graffiti are replaced by the names of philosophers, politicians and architects reflecting on Urbanity and Public Space, who in themselves become anonymous and encrypted again. As a contrast to street vs. theory. Alain Badiou, Chantal Mouffe, Bernard Tschumi, André le Nôtre, Francois Mitterrand etc.

Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen, Floor van Essen, HkA, Artez Arnhem, 10 Jaar De Kunsten

De Kunsten

Book/Magazine design, In collaboration with Floor van Essen. 2001. Indexnumber ‘Tien Jaar de Kunsten’, magazine of the HkA (now Artez).


Corporate Identity-Design within an existing framework for the SLO. In collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. 2004-2006.


Visual identity, in collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. for ‘CityJam’, a project by Hooghuis, Arnhem, The Netherlands. The identity is formed by a collection of images brought together on an associative base. Some are directly related, others with the blink of an eye. The A2-poster can be printed directly, but is also designed with the possibility to be cut up in four pieces. Each piece (A4) tells a part of the bigger story. These pages can be used as stationary. Maximum effect is created by the use of Neon colors. 2004.

Yearbook Academy of Architecture Arnhem 2001

Book/Magazine design. 2002. The content of the catalogue, the student-projects, are placed in a broader cultural frame, which contextualize the projects. The frame creates an extra editorial layer within the design.