Matthijs Matt van Leeuwen Mother Design Andbox Maxwell Osborne Identity


Logo and Identity design for Andbox, partnering with Co-creator of Public School Maxwell Osborne.

Designed at Mother Design, NY, with YaYa Xu, Mark Sloan and George Lavender. 2019.

Target ‘Everyday’

Campaign Design for Target’s Fall 2018 Season and seasons to come. The design embraces the unspoken; Target is pronounced Targét (Tar-zhay). Straightforward image and word rhymes form the basis for the design. Designed at Mother, New York. 2018. Designed with Enrique Mosqueda, Eli Park and Dennis Kung. Photography by LACEY.

Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

Bookcover-design as part of the Visual Identity for Maven Publishing. New York, 2018. A collection of the best short and humorous stories and columns from Asha Ten Broeke. A prolific columnist for Dutch publications, like ‘de Volkskrant’, ‘Trouw’ en ‘Opzij’.