11 September en de kunsten (September 11th and the arts)

Visual Identity for a six-day debate on the influences of 9/11 on art and design. In collaboration with Gerco Hiddink. 2004. Underneath the information-layer lies a ‘live’ CNN-NEWS-stream from during the disaster. Within the website this layer is animated. Typography is set in IBM Orator, a classic matrix typeface.

City in the clouds

Visual Identity design with Gerco Hiddink. 2004

‘Stad in de Wolken’ is a series of debates by the stage LUX in Nijmegen. In this debate high-rise building is discussed in the region Arnhem-Nijmegen. (KAN-Area). We created an image referring to ‘The Tower of Babylon’. An accumulation of designs from the international ‘architectural discours’ form the ultimate architectural design. Within the design of the website parts of the collage interact in a playful way with the cursor.


Visual Identity, in collaboration with Gerco Hiddink for danthe.nl. 2004-2006. Graphic contours from actual ‘situations’ in the Danthe-trainings are used for the identity.